Monday, April 30, 2012

Lovely Parcel from my Ticer

I suppose update this entry long time ago *lama tu* but since i ni pelupa, the entry stayyy dlm draft mode. Huhu

Dapat ni from my Ticer

Pinky Bear tu sangat cute!! Ada buku crochet by kak PinkyFrog and sweet notes from my ticer. Cantek kan handwriting my ticer..hehe

Tadaa!! Pinky Bear. Comel sangat. Sapa berminat nak order bear, boleh ke blog my ticer and order dari sana okay?

Ticer, thank you so much for the parcel and everything . Sangat suka dan happy bersama uols. Sungguh!!
Dont worry, Pinky Bear happy dgn Fluffy Bear and Selebet Bear :)

Again, Thank you :)
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