Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cuteness Owl Earflap Hat!!

I NEVER crochet a hat.
 I always think that crochet hat adalah paling susah. Yeah, u have to make sure hat tu muat muat dgn kepala kan, and since im bad on bende bende yg berukuran ni, so, I always trying NOT to crochet something yg memerlukan measurement. Hehe..

But, I really LOVE kawaii cuteness stuff.. Jadi, bila terjumpa kawaiiii project, terus im so excited to crochet one wpun before this, hat adalah bende yg paling nak di elakkan.. Dang!

So, here i am.. trying to crochet the most kawai cute hat ever..eecece..haha 


And yes, I made it.. :)

Cute kan? Since dah lama tak beli yarn sgt, so i have limited bulky yarn color. Lucky, yang ada pun, color yang cantek. Hehe.. And after siap, goshh, i love the combination of color :)

Try the OWL hat dekat my fluffy bear. 
Haaaa, need to define cuteness? Naaaa..hehe

Owl Earflap Hat, Fluffy Bear and Bellarina Bear :)

Actually, I made the hat for my friend's daughter - Marissa..

Pic: Taken from my friend's FB

Cute kan? Haha.. BUT, yeah, since this is the 1st time crochet hat, the hat for Marissa agak tidak muat. =_=
*thats why I hate crochet something yg perlu measurement ni dang!!*

Sian Marissa, I think that the reason Marissa so garang when her Mama took the pic ... haha

Oh ya, I also trying to crochet headband for my friend daughter :)

Hope the headband muat la.. 


Till we meet again :)

ps. Happy Earth Day 

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