Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Oink Oink..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jojo wears skirt spread some LOVE!!!


Finally, I managed to finish 1 order from my friend - Cik Julie.
Thank You ya Cik Julie. Hehe. Lepas ni order lagi taw. Haha

She has requested to crochet Jojo with a few accessories - Jojo with flowers, wear skirt and hold heart with initiall - TZ.

So.. let me introduce, new Cute And Yummy family members ;)

Psst.. new Jojo still dont have any name.. Haha. No idea at the moment. Hehe
Any Idea?

But I loveee the skirt..

Close upppp

Nice kan skirt tu.. Hehe

And "Jojo wears skirt" meet Orangie Jojo and Min Min.

"Jojo wears skirt " : Hi Orangie!! Hello Min Min ;)

Orangie : Hello ;)
Min Min : Welcome to CuteAndYummy dear

Orangie : Eh, come we took some pictures ;)


New Jojo hold LOVE with initial TZ.

Hope Jojo can spread the love too. Hehe

Bila dah siap, rasa taknak jual pulak. Boleh?

But its okay.. I will made another Jojo.
And here is for my memories.

I love this pic. Macam gambar for magazine sekolah. Haha

Happy Weekend !!

Thank you for reading...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pinky Again?


Tengah siapkan another Pinky Bear.
Hot stuff plak bear color pink but this time, tak gune shocking pink.
Kali ni guna 2 combination tones of pink..

Hope kali ni, the color turn canteks as before..

Nite nite

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Featured in The Star ;)

Hola everyone!!

How are your day today? Hope all of you have a great weekend!!

Oh ya, last 2 weeks ago, CuteAndYummy has been interview by The Star Journalist, Lee Mei Li.
And psstt.... the story coming out today!!!


The story basicly talk about Amigurumi. You can read the story online also:

The Star Online

By the way, not only me featured in the story. My sifu , Sue also in the story. But we been interviewed separately. Hehe. Thanks to my fren, Adila temankan hari tu. Thanks yaaa.

Credit pic to : CJ_381

Me with Bear Bear ;)
Owh, I love the Orangie. Look nice kan?

My friend has been asking to buy Orangie. Err I love Orangie and sayang pulak nak lepaskan Orangie. Haha. But I promise to her that I will crochet another Orangie for her.

Oh bertambah semangat nak crochet today!!

Please drop an email to if interested to have Bear Bear one for yourself.

ps. Thank You Mei Li ;)

Picture: Kudos to Star Online

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hi Everyone and Yes, I'm back!!

Hello Everyone!!

First of all, I would like to say sorry ..

.. for MIA (Missing In Action)
.. for the lack of updates
.. for not replied the email. I know, its hurt.

Sorry sorry and so sorry.

I've been so busy lately. My life so hectic. Settling a few things that has been bugging me and after a while , only now my life back on track.

Plus only last week ada internet connection - UNIFI.
If not, makin bersawang la blog ni..

And guess what?

I MISS to crochettttt tooo!!

Gosh.... Believe or not almost 5 month i didn't crochet at all. Dan only last a few week, I mula crochet. Only today, manage to settelkan semua hal yang terbengkalai.

To people yang email me, I will replied as soon as possible.
To people yang order dengan I previously, so sorry ya. I will update you all soon. Sorry again.


For last a few weeks, ni yang I sempat crochet.
Yes of course, I've crocheted Bear Bear ;)


I love this one. Orangie!!

Cute kan?

Dan semalam I managed to siapkan another Bear Bear..


I used yarn color shocking pink to crochet Pinky!!

Pinky again and this time with Star Pinky Mirror. ;)

Lega sangat bila dapat crochet balik ;)

Oh ya, Cute & Yummy on Facebook now.
You can LIKE Cute & Yummy.

Please search CuteAndYumyy and LIKE okay ?
And Thank You to Mis Fyd also. Hehe. I have some problem with CuteAndYummy's page just now. Lucky, Mis Fyd ada. Again, thank you ya.

See you soon..

ps. Planning to have Giveaway!!