Friday, April 17, 2015

Crochet , Colouring and Cooking!


I still didn't manage to crochet doll from book I bought last month. ;(
Trying to find a good time to crochet it! 

BUT I managed to crochet pom - pom hat for my nephew, Baby Naufal.

The pom pom maker I bought 6 years ago. Haha.. yeah I know I take long time to use it. I try it before but I only used once to make a key chain. 

Cute ey?

I used blue black and grey yarn to make the hat. And this time, I crochet it bigger so Baby Naufal can use is in long time. Hehe. He already cannot wear the hat I made for him last month. Dah besar dah Baby Naufal. Ok fine! Tacing kejap. Hehe

Haish.. rindu nyaaaaa ke Baby Naufal. 

My current WIP ; Rose Brooch. My younger brother getting married this end of July. So, I plan to crochet brooch for my family members wear it on that day. There are almost 60 brooch I have to crochet it. 2 down and more to come. Haha

I used pattern one of free pattern from Ravelry. The pattern is so easy and really suitable for beginner. You can find the pattern here

Try it and you definitely will love it.

Lately I find myself  enjoying coloring activities. I bought 2 books of adult coloring book by Emila Yusof  , one of famous Malaysia illustrator. I always love Kak Emila artwork, so when i know Oyez Bookstore publish Kak Emila adult coloring book, I definitely want to have it. I bought 2 books, I for my younger sister and one for me.

I already finished this page but I forgot to took the latest picture. The hard part to color is the face. I always worried I might be make she look "comot". So I took quite long time to finish it. Hehe


Mee Goreng Daging. 
My husband cook for me as I keep talking to him how nice I can eat Mee Goreng without cooking it. Haha. So he cook for me. I always feel I'm lucky to have him as my husband. 
Thank you Darling!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Book: My Crochet Doll

One of crocheter that I always admire a lot her artwork is Kessedjian. I always view her blog and Instagram to see any update. Since I more active on Instagram, I can say almost everyday I will view her Instagram page to see any new update. If there is no update, I will look previous post and admired her crocheted doll and paintings! 

When I know she write a crochet book in English, I know I must have the book. And last week, I bought this book at Kinokuniya, KLCC. 

Puas makcik!!

Cute right? I promised to myself (since i rarely crochet lately) to crochet the doll. Try to find suitable yarn for this project. InsyaAllah, I will update once I finished the project. The Doll Project. hehe

ps. Tambah lagi list benda nak di crochet. Pui.. Hahaha

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mad Hatter Bear Bear

Hello Again!

Since I am guilty for abandoning this blog, I will try my best to keep update my blog with all crocheted things that I have made before.

I have bought crochet book at Kinokuniya KLCC. Sorry I forgot to took the pictures of book and I will update later about the book. The book in Japanese language and of course I don't understand at all what the author write in the book. The only I understand is the diagram for the pattern! haha. The beauty of the crochet! Diagram is your "savior" and definitely you will understand the pattern even tho the book write in different language.. Hehe

Cute right? *puji diri sendiri* 

I can't remember where I bought the yarn. But i have many color of this type of yarn. Cantik kan? And of course the price also not cheap as normal yarn that i used. Lagi lagi di Malaysia, susah nak cari benang yang cantik dan kalau ada, the price is not cheap. Tapi sebab minat, layankan je.

Have a nice weekend ahead!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Hello and Assalamualaikum to all..

Really hope all of readers doing well and have great day ahead. First, I am truly sorry for hardly update this blog. My last update was 2 years ago. Lama kan? Haha.. Sorry for that and of course a lot thing happened in this 2 year.

I hardly crochet lately. Being weekend wife really take my time and I have to rushing back to Penang during my off-shift. Lagi-lagi bekerja 12 jam sehari sangat memenatkan. Usually, when I'm home, after doing all housework, I just choose to sleep instead of crochet. BUT, since starting January this year, I am no more weekend wife. Yiiha.. *really happy mode here*. No more travel KL - Penang and Penang KL. Walaupun naik flight, trust me, sangat memenatkan! Plus, I really hope I can crochet often.

Oh ya, on 20 Feb 2015, I dapat new nephew. Pheewit. Introducing, Muhammad Zharif Naufal.  And he manage made me to crochet his baby hat. Biasaaa ni! haha

Naufal with his crocheted baby hat! This pic when Naufal just 8 days old. Hehe

I also crocheted baby hat for my future niece. Masih dalam perut. Can't wait to see Naufal's future cousin wear this!

Lately, I'm enjoy myself baking. Trust me, baking is relaxing. Lagi pun sangat mengenyangkan activity baking ni. Haha. Banyak sangat yang di baking kan. Dari roti ke congobar ke brownies ke pavlova! Penat but happy!

Cuma bila baking roti ni, renyah sikit. Err bukan sikit, tapi banyak! Hehe. Tapi bila dah siap, rasa puas dan happy. Plus, my husband pengemar roti. Lagi2, freshly baked from our oven kan? Hehe

Favorite - Bee Hive Bread with Caramel Sauce!

Congobar and minipavlova. My favorite!

My latest project. BFF Project. Dinda Design. 

Wear collection for plus size. Please follow us at IG and FB - Dindadesign . 

Ok bye!