Friday, April 6, 2012

Headband vs Potato Skin

Another Free pattern from All About Ami that I've tried. Knotted Headband. Thank Youu!!!!!
The pattern is for beginner and easy to understand. Love it! But since I used different yarn that Stephanie has used, so again, I have to alter a bit the design. Suppose I used thicker and chunkier yarn BUT since I dont have the perfect yarn fit the criteria, I used what I have. Thus, the headband look thinner that its supposed to be. Anyway, I will try again and this times, using correct yarn. Hehe.. Takpela kan, asal jadi sudahh.. Haha

Im using Red Color since my friend love RED very much..

And tadaaaa:

Happy when she LOVE the headband ..

Btw, Im craving of Potato Skin. And so far, the delicious Potato Skin adalah hanya di Tony Romas. TGIF di Alamanda punya potato skin TAK sedap. Kering and not soo cheezy..

Oh laparnyaaaaa

Look so delicous right? Just look at the cheese..oh maiii.. And this one, makan makan di Tony Romas Pavi.

Oh ya, planning to have a giveaway. Not sure when eventho' I already bought all the cute item. Waiting for the right time. Huhu.. Just worried noone will join the giveaway since I believe, my blog have less people visit lately. *Okay put the blame on me, myself and I for the lack of update the blog* Hehe...

Anyway, will you join the giveaway or not? Anyone? Errr

Some of the cute stuff I have bought. Comel kan?

Okaylah. Tata
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