Monday, December 6, 2010

Card and Lil Bears

Sepanjang masa susah nak online ni, I berjaya siapkan a few Lil Bears and cards. Dalam busy busy, berjaya jugak siapkan. Yeahh!!

This is my 1st time siapkan little bear bear. And yeah.. I definitely LOVE them..

How? Okay tak?
Yarn Lil Greenie Bear ni I beli dekat mindsoul. Cantek kan?

Lil Rainbow Bear:

Lil Blue Bear :

Lil Sweatie Bear :

Lil PinkyBear:

Lil Millo Bear:

I love this pic. Nampak ceriaaaa saja. Hehe

And all of them selamat bersama dengan tuan baru. Hope all Lil Bears di jaga dengan baik. Hehe
Haishh.. terrindu plak dekat Lil Bears ;)

The cards:

Actually, I love CD Card ni. Menarik ;)
The CD card di dalam perjalanan ke US. Hope sempat la di gantung di Christmas Tree..

And many more cardss:

Psst, I love the color. Nice huh. Terutama the dot dot card.

I use my free gift christmas stamp!!

Pop Up Card ;) Merry Christmas!!!

Banyak kan card? Ada yang di order, ada juga for my friends. Yang penting, semuanya gembira dapat card ni :) Oh ya, ada a few tuk jualan charity. Hope semuanya terjual. Hehe

Ok then.. Thank you for looking.

Froggie and Giveaway

Hello All.

Yeah yeah I know. I take looooooooooooong time to update my blog. Sorry guys. Same reason sejak berpindah ni, my internet connection suckssssssssssss!! I even can't logon to my gmail. Bila dapat logon, I can't read the email because its take so longg to response. And I end up close all the page sambil membebel .. Haha

Mahu apply screamyxxx eh streamyx but I MUST have home phone 1st. BUT, bila dah request, *bersusah payah ke TM Point, queue and bla bla bla * someone @ TMnut cancel my request. They said the address is wrong address. Duhh.. Stupidooo!! Call 100 and asked them to process my request again. After a while, the request been cancel again. Stupid right? Yeah sangat stupid. Oh ya, I have checked my form again, and confirmed the address dalam tu adalah benar belaka. So, i have to TM nut again. And will bring the form sambil baling ke muka orang yg buat my request. Yeah, I will.. In a meanwhile, I have to bertahan with my suck ever MaxAsss Slowband.

Btw, I think, mostly people at CrocheterLand dah tahu yang our talented crocheter, Seri Dewi @mindsoul (pls refer at my blog list for the link) is having giveaway. CAL and giveaway. Interesting huh? Hehe

Of course, I participate this giveaway. And here are my froggie..

Dodi and Dido...

This is Dido...

And frogiee with a big smile is Dodi..

They love to play at my mama's flower. Shhhhh..

And love to dating too.. See see.. Haishh..

Yang lebih menarik , they will flyyy to oversea. Hehe...

I hope I win this giveaway..

Oh ya, this is my latest order. Request by Helena. Dont know wether she still wanna these bookmarks or not as I take soooo long time to sms her. The phone no in the email and bla bla bla *the reason same as per above*. I hope she still want these bookmarks but if she dont want it anymore, its okay. I understand ;)

Till my next entry. Which is tak berapa lama lg. Sementara the connection okay. Hehe


ps. I am strugle to finish my order. Sungguh. So many things happened lately. :(