Monday, December 6, 2010

Card and Lil Bears

Sepanjang masa susah nak online ni, I berjaya siapkan a few Lil Bears and cards. Dalam busy busy, berjaya jugak siapkan. Yeahh!!

This is my 1st time siapkan little bear bear. And yeah.. I definitely LOVE them..

How? Okay tak?
Yarn Lil Greenie Bear ni I beli dekat mindsoul. Cantek kan?

Lil Rainbow Bear:

Lil Blue Bear :

Lil Sweatie Bear :

Lil PinkyBear:

Lil Millo Bear:

I love this pic. Nampak ceriaaaa saja. Hehe

And all of them selamat bersama dengan tuan baru. Hope all Lil Bears di jaga dengan baik. Hehe
Haishh.. terrindu plak dekat Lil Bears ;)

The cards:

Actually, I love CD Card ni. Menarik ;)
The CD card di dalam perjalanan ke US. Hope sempat la di gantung di Christmas Tree..

And many more cardss:

Psst, I love the color. Nice huh. Terutama the dot dot card.

I use my free gift christmas stamp!!

Pop Up Card ;) Merry Christmas!!!

Banyak kan card? Ada yang di order, ada juga for my friends. Yang penting, semuanya gembira dapat card ni :) Oh ya, ada a few tuk jualan charity. Hope semuanya terjual. Hehe

Ok then.. Thank you for looking.

Froggie and Giveaway

Hello All.

Yeah yeah I know. I take looooooooooooong time to update my blog. Sorry guys. Same reason sejak berpindah ni, my internet connection suckssssssssssss!! I even can't logon to my gmail. Bila dapat logon, I can't read the email because its take so longg to response. And I end up close all the page sambil membebel .. Haha

Mahu apply screamyxxx eh streamyx but I MUST have home phone 1st. BUT, bila dah request, *bersusah payah ke TM Point, queue and bla bla bla * someone @ TMnut cancel my request. They said the address is wrong address. Duhh.. Stupidooo!! Call 100 and asked them to process my request again. After a while, the request been cancel again. Stupid right? Yeah sangat stupid. Oh ya, I have checked my form again, and confirmed the address dalam tu adalah benar belaka. So, i have to TM nut again. And will bring the form sambil baling ke muka orang yg buat my request. Yeah, I will.. In a meanwhile, I have to bertahan with my suck ever MaxAsss Slowband.

Btw, I think, mostly people at CrocheterLand dah tahu yang our talented crocheter, Seri Dewi @mindsoul (pls refer at my blog list for the link) is having giveaway. CAL and giveaway. Interesting huh? Hehe

Of course, I participate this giveaway. And here are my froggie..

Dodi and Dido...

This is Dido...

And frogiee with a big smile is Dodi..

They love to play at my mama's flower. Shhhhh..

And love to dating too.. See see.. Haishh..

Yang lebih menarik , they will flyyy to oversea. Hehe...

I hope I win this giveaway..

Oh ya, this is my latest order. Request by Helena. Dont know wether she still wanna these bookmarks or not as I take soooo long time to sms her. The phone no in the email and bla bla bla *the reason same as per above*. I hope she still want these bookmarks but if she dont want it anymore, its okay. I understand ;)

Till my next entry. Which is tak berapa lama lg. Sementara the connection okay. Hehe


ps. I am strugle to finish my order. Sungguh. So many things happened lately. :(

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mr Bear with long leg

Hi All!!

Hope semuanya sihat :)

I've received order from Wany and this is not the first time Wany ordered Bear Bear from me. Thanks Wany for keep ordering Bear Bear. ;)

This time, she requested to me to crochet Bear Bear wear Red Shirt with Long Leg.

So, I choose to crochet blue Bear Bear . Oh ya, usually, the Bear Bear height approximately is 26cm but this time, the Bear Bear almost 32cm ..

Bear Bear with shawl. I love this pic..


Bear Bear look really nice in this pic!!!

Wany, thank you and really hope you love the bear..

Take care!! and Happy Weekend...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mr & Mrs. Bear

My internet connection was very bad. Don't know what happen to my Maxis Broadband.. Arghh.... Sangat benci sebab nak upload pic pun payah...


By the way, I finished to crochet Madi's Bear Bear..
She has order 2 Bears - Mr And Mrs Bear.

Madi also made some special request. She want me to crochet Mr Bear wear blazer. Err , i never done it before but will try my best. As this is the 1st time im crochet bear wear blazer, so, it is really take my time to crochet the blazer. A few time i have to open the blazer and re-do crochet it again. Haha..

And finally... I made it.. yeay!!

Well, as the color is all black, it's hard to see the blazer..

Close upppp!!

Yeahh.. it is simple but really give me headache to crochet it.. Hehe

I love Mrs Bear Bear combination color. Red & Yellow..

Madi, hope u love the bear.. :)

Fuhh!! Siap satu order and have to get ready for next order..


And the winner........

Hello All

Finally, today is the day.
Before I announce the winner, i would like to thank to all of the crocheter who joined my giveaway. Although, the participant not so many like my previous giveaway, but still, I'm happy all of you joined my giveaway. Again, Thank You :) At least, I know there are talented crocheter who always can give us inspiration, motivation and make us more addicted to crochet. Hehe..

So, here the list who joined my giveaway:

  1. Misfyd
  2. Sue
  3. IzyanNadia
  4. nadiah
  5. hanci06
  6. Marjo
  7. Tinkerstar@shine
  8. Krafaina
  9. Tran Ngoc Uyen Phuong
  10. Jose
  11. Villa Loredana
  12. Jarinah
  13. lia
  14. Minamisensei
  15. Lilyrosa
  16. Cik Lily
  17. Katbus
And the winner for

1st prize is :


and 2nd prize :

Tran Ngoc Uyen Phuong

Congratulation and thank you for joining the giveaway....

Please email me your address and will asap post the prize... Till my next giveaway :)

Have a nice day..


Friday, September 24, 2010

Fabulove Giveaway is back!!!

This is sticky notes. Please scroll down for next entry.


Sempena nak menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri ni, terasa nak buat giveaway pulak. Hehe. So, here it is....

The Raya Giveaway.

Pstttt.. all of these are for GIVEAWAY - Crochet books and yarns :)

But this giveaway ONLY and ONLY for CROCHETER..
Bukan crocheter? Err next giveaway okay? :)


(1) This giveaway ONLY for Crocheter. No need to be my followers but it will be great if you are one of my followers

(2) Spread the word to the others about this giveaway on your blog.

(3) Add CuteAndYummy's link in your blog list

(4) Suggest me your fav crocheter's blog. Give me the link as well.

(5) Leave a comment with your email address, your blog post's link about the giveaway and your fav crocheter's blog link.

The winners will be choose randomly

Oh ya, I will divide the prize into 2. So, there will be 2 winners.

1st winner :

2nd winner :

The giveaway will be close on 24th September 2010 and I will on announce the winner on 26th September 2010.

Good Luck everyone and daaa.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Holaaa!!! Im crocheting again..

Hello All..

Finally, we 'meet' again. Hehe.. Quite busy here. Yelah, berhari raya kan? Ramai yang datang ke rumah plus my internet connection not so okay. The connection always drop untill made me so fed up to online. Haish. Luckily, today the connection sangat laju. Yeayy!!

And I am officially bertungkus-lumus menyiapkan order. Banyak juga. And rasa boleh termuntah nak siapkan bear bear ni. haha.. But sabar yeah, one by one :) Lagi-lagi, saya bekerja di siang hari. And saya hanya crochet di malam hari. Jadi, masa agak limited :)

Currently tengah menyiapkan order for Madi.

Err bile tengok balik, rasa ngeri pulak bear yang tak di sambung tu. Hehe

Oh ya, finally, after tried the simple free pattern, I crochet the baby socks!!

Im not really good on crochet baby item. This is my first trial and yes, definitely will make the socks again and will try my best to crochet booties after this. Hehe

Fabulove Giveaway still open untill 24 September 2010.

Eh.. before I forget, crocheter who interested to buy some yummy yarn, please click here

Cik Seri doing some spring cleaning and there a few yarns need to let go. Boleh beli. Murah juga ;)

Ok then.. Daaaa

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello And Bye for a while


I will be away for a while.. Just moved to my new house and have some problem with internet connection. Haishh...

I hope I can solve the issue in a few days..
Pray for me *amin*

Oh ya, feel free to join my giveaway yaa..

Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bear Bear : Mr B


Remember the "kaki" ?

Ini updatenya. Ngeee

Dari design ini, saya siapkan Mr B.
B? yeah.. Mr Big Bear. So ringkaskan, jadi Mr B. Hehe

Note: Design ini bukan dilukis oleh saya. Dilukis oleh empunya Bear.

Sangat penat crochet Mr B. Sebab ini adalah 1st time saya crochet bear yang sangat besar.
Yes.. It's big *for me*. Tinggi lebih kurang dalam 45cm and lebar 29cm gitu.
Lenguh tangan.

The shawl - white & yellow..

Kaki and kasut. Kasut tu..1st cuba jaya. Bukak dan crochet balik jangan cerita lah. Aci redah jek. And.. yeay!! I made it.. :) ngeee

Banyak kali jugak, asyik la bukak jahitan tuk mata, hidung and mulut. Ada jek tak kena.
Eh.. tetibe terindu plak dengan Mr B. :(

Shawl ni sesuaikan dengan Mr B.

Best peluk Mr B. Sungguh.
Rasa sayang plak nak jual. But.. telah di order kan? Haha

Lain-lain order akan disiapkan lepas raya eak. Penat betul lately. Sampai demam2 smalam.
Penat pindah. Penat hal hal kerja di office .

Eh raya ni berhari raya di rumah baru. Yiihaaa

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin!!