Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#Done ~ shhhhh.. *snap snap*

Finally, I made it.
 Yeahh.. Starting the project yesterday and today, its DONE!

Yeah, you are right, the idea is came from Instagram Logo ..
The logo so cute for me, and dlm instagram itself kalau search #crochet, akan jumpa a few project crochet instragram logo ni. So im so excited to made it one.

I made it as small bag. Not sure what should i put in there. But for a moment, since I will travel tomorrow, I put all my bangles and earing in there. Yeahh

Oh ya, since this is new project, im so excited. Ace kasi buat bear, mauk la tertido tido. Ala ala taw sudah output die kan? Hehe

Btw, my flight pukul 6.30am tomorrow.. doakan I selamat pergi dan pulang eh..Hehe
Eceh, mcm la pergi jauh sgt.. hehe


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