Saturday, January 9, 2016

Coloring is Fun!

Watching Julie & Julia make me realize that I do have a blog. 
The Abandoned one - blog!


Anyway, while watching Julie & Julia, I have thought that I need to update my blog. At least an entry. And i hope the guilty inside my heart will cast away. Haha 

New Year with a few new coloring book. Errm let me re-phrase it. New Year with a lots of coloring books! Hahaha. I do have a lots of coloring books. But.. I only have some times to color it all. Haha.. 

Some of the finished colorart :

Coloring Book : Nature Sing by Emilayusof
Medium : Staedtler Luna Watercolor Pencil + Derwent Waterbrush

Coloring Book : Malaysia Scenery Part 2 Villagescapes by Zahuri Harun
Medium : Staedtler Luna Watercolor Pencil + Colleen

Coloring Book : Johanna Basford Collection Book 
Medium : Staedtler Luna Watercolor Pencil + Colleen

Coloring Book : Adventure Percy by Narelle Craven
Medium :  Colleen

The seahorse by Narelle Craven one of my favorite. It took me almost 4 days to complete it! Fuh!! But I love it! Berbaloi baloi habiskan masa sebanyak itu hanya untuk coloring. Some of my friend said this is so childish! According to them, coloring is only for child. Well, obviously they dont understand of adult coloring concept and have narrow mind. Boleh tak kakak nak ckp gitu? haha.. Whatever lah. Yang pasti Im de-stress myself with coloring!

And of course there a more that I have completed it. Will update more later and I hope later I will enhanced my coloring skill. InsyaAllah