Monday, June 25, 2012

Montel Pinky Bear :D

I always LOVE to crochet Teddy Bear. Always make me feel good while crochet and after crochet. Dunno why. Might be because I love bear. LOL.. Haha

So, this time, Kak Marla asked me to crochet BIG Pinky Bear for her daughter Ein. 

I crochet 1 day only. Tired and I promised dont want to crochet last minute dah lepas ni. Haha

From this:

Turn into this:

The Montel Pinky Bear. Hahah

Montel kan? Maybe mood masa crochet tu adalah mood montel. Hahaha

Hope Ein suka.. :D

Thank you for looking..

ps. I think i need to compile all my bear that I have crocheted kan? I will...

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