Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Granny Square's Project

I always excited when I saw someone crochet Granny Square. I love  Granny Square . From  Granny Square , it can turn to anything superb beautiful thingy - blanket, bag, scraft etc... Cool right?

And every moment I saw a granny square, I promise to myself, that I will learn to crochet it. And turn it to superb-beautiful blanket or bag. BUT, since I start crochet -2008 untill now, there is no granny square that I have made. Nil. Yilek. Nadaaa... 



I always feel like its hard for me to crochet Granny Square as it will turn to BIG project. BIG project meaning LONG hour to finished  it. And LONG hour  meaning that I will NEVER finished it. hahaha.. Im the person that easy to get bored if im doing the same project. That why I always choose project that no need much time to complete.

However, since I always found there are so many beautiful-georgeous-superb-cute-and-yummy Granny Square out there, then, I have decided to crochet it one. I really need to motivate myself. Really I am.

Thus, I will share Granny Square's Project that really made me excited and I hope, it will motivate me to crochet it at least 1 project. Hehe

Oh ya, if you have any project , please share with me yaa. At least, it will be part of my motivation kan? Hehe

2 - Niamh

To the owner above granny square's project:

Thank You so much coz motivated me and give me an idea at least to crochet granny square. Hehe.. 
And Congratulations , you guys made it!!


ps. I will update this entry with new Granny Square's project for my reference and motivation time to time.. :)
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