Sunday, June 24, 2012

Card and card and card... :D

Since I have time right now, why not update the blog la kan? :P
Plus Im on a good mood to blog.. Lalalala

Okay, this card ordered by Kak Marla who love to cook. She always cook yummy cake . Her Choc cake adalah yang sangat sedap. Cheese Cake, Kek Lapis, Red Velvet cake, Pavlovaaaa.. oh my, now im craving of cake.. Hahaha.. Anyway, I suspected she wanna spoilt my diet. Always masak sedap sedap. Haha Hahaha. Kidding :P

Simple cards for Anniversary and Birthday occasions. Sorry Kak for delayed eh.. Hope tak serik nak order lagi :)

Quite long time I didnt do the cardmaking.. So, err please dont judge if the card not up to your standard eh :) Will always exploring how to cardmaking the lovely and great card.. 

Anniversary Card:

Birthday Card

Thank You


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