Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Card: Birthday


It's already 12.05 am but I still can't sleep. Balik dari office tadi, akibat stress, terus tido. Terjaga pukul 8.30 pm and here i am now. Mata terang berjaga. Hehe

Anyway, tuk menghilangkan stress yang ada, I made a card for my friend.

Im using tag from Popcorn the Bear Collection. Sayang nak guna sbb susah nak cari. But I think, its about time to use. Dah lama dah di peram. Haha

Sedikit tidak puas hati dengan hasil card kali ni. Something yang saya rasa mcm "hilang". But I dont know what is it. Ermmm

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to my friend. May God bless u and us.

Take care !

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4 chit chat:

cheezy wedges said...

maybe u should put some ribbon on it.. i think so~ but the card is quite ok la..

ezyane said...

maybe kot..hehe

ABC said...

Hi. I honestly think the card is nice! I would never be able to make anything like that :D

By the way, we're having a giveaway. Come visit us and join the fun! :D

ezyane said...

ABC - thank you.. ;) *shy* haha

anyway, nanti ai jenguk ur giveaway okay.. :D