Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mr & Mrs. Bear

My internet connection was very bad. Don't know what happen to my Maxis Broadband.. Arghh.... Sangat benci sebab nak upload pic pun payah...


By the way, I finished to crochet Madi's Bear Bear..
She has order 2 Bears - Mr And Mrs Bear.

Madi also made some special request. She want me to crochet Mr Bear wear blazer. Err , i never done it before but will try my best. As this is the 1st time im crochet bear wear blazer, so, it is really take my time to crochet the blazer. A few time i have to open the blazer and re-do crochet it again. Haha..

And finally... I made it.. yeay!!

Well, as the color is all black, it's hard to see the blazer..

Close upppp!!

Yeahh.. it is simple but really give me headache to crochet it.. Hehe

I love Mrs Bear Bear combination color. Red & Yellow..

Madi, hope u love the bear.. :)

Fuhh!! Siap satu order and have to get ready for next order..


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5 chit chat:

lia said...

cute and loving couple....:)

Nur yg Terpuji.. said...

thanks ezyane...x sabar rasenye nk dpt mr n mrs bear 2...

Dragana said...

Do you ship to croatia?

What is the price of one bear? I like Mr and Mrs Bear a lot!! :)
And all the other bears.
I have a 8 months old son,I would like to buy one for him...

Suhaina said...

Bape rm "Mr & Mrs. Bear" ni? cantik n kemas..

ezyane said...

Hi Lia, Nur..
Thanks for drop by. Haish.. Lama betul baru I nak reply u ols punya comment. Sorry naaa

Hi Suhaina,
Still interested? If yes, boleh emel to me to Kita boleh discuss harga. Thanks