Monday, December 6, 2010

Froggie and Giveaway

Hello All.

Yeah yeah I know. I take looooooooooooong time to update my blog. Sorry guys. Same reason sejak berpindah ni, my internet connection suckssssssssssss!! I even can't logon to my gmail. Bila dapat logon, I can't read the email because its take so longg to response. And I end up close all the page sambil membebel .. Haha

Mahu apply screamyxxx eh streamyx but I MUST have home phone 1st. BUT, bila dah request, *bersusah payah ke TM Point, queue and bla bla bla * someone @ TMnut cancel my request. They said the address is wrong address. Duhh.. Stupidooo!! Call 100 and asked them to process my request again. After a while, the request been cancel again. Stupid right? Yeah sangat stupid. Oh ya, I have checked my form again, and confirmed the address dalam tu adalah benar belaka. So, i have to TM nut again. And will bring the form sambil baling ke muka orang yg buat my request. Yeah, I will.. In a meanwhile, I have to bertahan with my suck ever MaxAsss Slowband.

Btw, I think, mostly people at CrocheterLand dah tahu yang our talented crocheter, Seri Dewi @mindsoul (pls refer at my blog list for the link) is having giveaway. CAL and giveaway. Interesting huh? Hehe

Of course, I participate this giveaway. And here are my froggie..

Dodi and Dido...

This is Dido...

And frogiee with a big smile is Dodi..

They love to play at my mama's flower. Shhhhh..

And love to dating too.. See see.. Haishh..

Yang lebih menarik , they will flyyy to oversea. Hehe...

I hope I win this giveaway..

Oh ya, this is my latest order. Request by Helena. Dont know wether she still wanna these bookmarks or not as I take soooo long time to sms her. The phone no in the email and bla bla bla *the reason same as per above*. I hope she still want these bookmarks but if she dont want it anymore, its okay. I understand ;)

Till my next entry. Which is tak berapa lama lg. Sementara the connection okay. Hehe


ps. I am strugle to finish my order. Sungguh. So many things happened lately. :(
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2 chit chat:

Aisyah Helga said...

Nice to hear from you again,E! Rindu...Those froggies are so cute! Hope you win,too :)

ezyane said...

Hello Aisyah..

I susah nak msk sini sudah. Sbb banyak pic kan so sangat slow. Untill I fed up and buat blog ni terbiar. Huhu.. ;(

I also rindu betul nak jenguk ur blog. Nanti I akan kerap ke sana yach.. And thank you. Those frogies dalam perjalanan ke US and Canada.. Hehe