Sunday, September 26, 2010

And the winner........

Hello All

Finally, today is the day.
Before I announce the winner, i would like to thank to all of the crocheter who joined my giveaway. Although, the participant not so many like my previous giveaway, but still, I'm happy all of you joined my giveaway. Again, Thank You :) At least, I know there are talented crocheter who always can give us inspiration, motivation and make us more addicted to crochet. Hehe..

So, here the list who joined my giveaway:

  1. Misfyd
  2. Sue
  3. IzyanNadia
  4. nadiah
  5. hanci06
  6. Marjo
  7. Tinkerstar@shine
  8. Krafaina
  9. Tran Ngoc Uyen Phuong
  10. Jose
  11. Villa Loredana
  12. Jarinah
  13. lia
  14. Minamisensei
  15. Lilyrosa
  16. Cik Lily
  17. Katbus
And the winner for

1st prize is :


and 2nd prize :

Tran Ngoc Uyen Phuong

Congratulation and thank you for joining the giveaway....

Please email me your address and will asap post the prize... Till my next giveaway :)

Have a nice day..

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2 chit chat:

lia said...

thanks ezyane!!happy sgt2 berjaya menang giveaway ni...tq so much...

Trần Ngọc Uyên Phương said...

Oh, really? It comes to my big surprise today. I love it, I love it Ezyane.
Thanks for your kindness and I'm waiting for your next giveaway :p