Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tedi The Teddy Bear


Bertemu lagi kita sekali lagi.. Ececeece..
Sila jangan bosan eh. I will update my blog regularly but of course.. IF and ONLY IF i completely finished crochet bear or teddy or bear again. Hahaha

Anyway, this bear I have crocheted a few week ago. For my cousin. For her birthday present. Err, her birthday lama sudah, bulan April. BUT because I have no time to crochet and too bz *bla bla blaa...alasan*, only now I gave her this bear. Ish ish. Mohon tidak ikut perangai mcm ni eh. Haha

Since I dont know what color she want, so I bawak dia ke Daiso and asked her to choose what color she want. I thought she will choose color purple since she is president of purple color lover. Haha. Instead, she choose black-grey yarn. Erm.. Pelikssss!!

So.. from this..

Turn to this

Teddi the Teddy Bear :D

This is first time i guess Im using this kind of color to crochet bear. Usually, I love bright color to crochet bear. I always feel like bright color can make my bear look so happy.. But I guess my thought adalah salah. WRONG!!.. Haha.. This bear look so happy kan?

Lagi lagi dalam posing yg mcm ni kan?

Sama mcm the background kan color bear ni. Now I know why my cousin nak bear in this color. Sebab dia nak match kan bear dgn katil dia. hahaha..

Anyone fan of Tutti Fruti?
I am..
A few of my friend said I'm obses with Tutti Fruti.. OBSES? Naaa.. I just love Tutti Fruti..Not obses. huhu
I can makan Tutti Fruti a few time in one day.. But because the price a bit pricey for me, so I just makan Tutti Fruti a few time in a week.. 

I love Tutti Fruti flavor TF Tart, PassionFruit, Blueberry, Mango, Cookies Cream. I dont like Chocolate flavor. Manis melampau. For me, Froyo suppose to be not so manis. 

Have u tried Tutti Fruti with cornflakes? If not, pls try. Sedapp. And added some fruit of course..

Combination of TF Tart flovor with cornflakes and peach juga sangat ngamhoiiii... 

Oh ya.. If you eat Manggo Flavor, pls added some manggo as well. Sangat delicious yummy. 
Okay fine, now I feel like wanna eat Tutti Fruti. And now, 3am in the morning. Mana nak cari? Aduyaii..

Now I regret to update my entry about Tutti Fruti. Make me craving at this hour...hailahh..

Okay Bye..

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