Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yummy : Bag vs Food..

Finally, I've finished crochet my beanie bag. I bought the book long time ago and since then, I didnt crochet any pattern from the book.

When I got my little "break" , I've decided to crochet beanie bag. And, I love it!! Will make it as my new make up bag. Hehe

Oh ya, the bag supposed in color : turqoise. But, in the picture, its turned as purple. Hehe. Anyway, im thinking to crochet another bag. Will upload it later ;)

I also made pavlova last week . And of course, with some help from my friend, Adila. Thanks Dila.

Oh ya, for those who in KL. Please, try new burger in town. Called as Burger Bakar and they made the patty by themselves with special recipe . What make the burger so special is - they grill the patty instead of cooking it as usuall.

Look yummy rite? Gosh, suddenly Im so hungry.. Huhu...Anyway, try search Burger Bakar in Facebook. And you will know why the burger so special. Hehe

Okay . See u !!
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