Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Bear Born Yesterday ;)


Introducing... Our new family member... Sweet Fluffy Bear ;)

Love the color.. Paddle Pop Icr cream color.. Hehe .. And this time,im using different type of yarn. Never try it before. At first, its really hard and i gave up. The next day, i try harder and this time using the biggest hook i have.. and tadaaaaa... I did it.. Yeayyy!!!

And the yarn turned out as cute bear that I ever crochet..


Love it..

Till my next project!! Daaa

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3 chit chat:

amani said...

salam...comel sangat bear ni..teringin nak buat satu..nak tanya, berapa ketul benang ya untuk buat bear ni? thanks

ezyane said...
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ezyane said...

Salam amani..

Thank You :)

Seingat I, 7-9 gulung .. I cant remember sbb project ni lama dah buat..hehe..

Meh la buat sesama..Nanti share share pic bear eh.. :D

btw, thank u for dropby my blog :)