Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Panda and Redang Island .... ;)


Here is my latest project.. Done it before my vacation at Redang Island. But as the Panda I've made are for my friend, so I need to hold on to upload the pic via FB or Blog. A little surprise for her :)

A gift for her and a surprise party at Redang Island :) But.. she knows we have planned the party for her since the owner resort keep asking us when we want the cake in front of my friend.. Haha..Busted!!!

Posing kejap kat tepi pantai... lalalala.. Love the picture :)

Oh ya... I made the Panda from Free Pattern from All About Ami. The pattern is easy to crochet. Definitely suggest all crocheter to try it.. The pattern is for ornament actually, but I modified a little bit and made the panda as toys.. Thank You Stephanie for the great free pattern. FYI, this is not 1st pattern I have tried. Will update another pattern I have tried next time yaa ..

Smile..... Posing on hammock.... :)

Oh ya, I love island vacation .. Made me soo refreshing and sunburn too..ahahaha..

Sunrise picture :) Yeah.. Im not a good photograper.. ehehe

Beautiful rite? Yeahh..

Love Redang Island and planning to come here again and again. How I wish HP open one branch at Redang Island.. hehe


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