Friday, June 3, 2011

Hi Everyone and Yes, I'm back!!

Hello Everyone!!

First of all, I would like to say sorry ..

.. for MIA (Missing In Action)
.. for the lack of updates
.. for not replied the email. I know, its hurt.

Sorry sorry and so sorry.

I've been so busy lately. My life so hectic. Settling a few things that has been bugging me and after a while , only now my life back on track.

Plus only last week ada internet connection - UNIFI.
If not, makin bersawang la blog ni..

And guess what?

I MISS to crochettttt tooo!!

Gosh.... Believe or not almost 5 month i didn't crochet at all. Dan only last a few week, I mula crochet. Only today, manage to settelkan semua hal yang terbengkalai.

To people yang email me, I will replied as soon as possible.
To people yang order dengan I previously, so sorry ya. I will update you all soon. Sorry again.


For last a few weeks, ni yang I sempat crochet.
Yes of course, I've crocheted Bear Bear ;)


I love this one. Orangie!!

Cute kan?

Dan semalam I managed to siapkan another Bear Bear..


I used yarn color shocking pink to crochet Pinky!!

Pinky again and this time with Star Pinky Mirror. ;)

Lega sangat bila dapat crochet balik ;)

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And Thank You to Mis Fyd also. Hehe. I have some problem with CuteAndYummy's page just now. Lucky, Mis Fyd ada. Again, thank you ya.

See you soon..

ps. Planning to have Giveaway!!
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