Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crochet Bag

I have crocheted a few bags but I only decided to sell these bag.
Just nak try market dulu. If ada sambutan, then I will up others crocheted bag ;)
Oh ya, yes, I crocheted these bag by myself. Hehe


Set 1 contain 2 crocheted bad - Big + small crochet bags.
Im using Lincraft's Yarn which is I ordered from someone @ Aus. Suka color bag ni sampai rasa sayang nak jual. Haha.

Sesuai untuk letak make-up, stationery and others stuff. Kita perempuan kan byk jek barang kan? Hehe...
W - 21cm
H - 13 cm

Boleh dijadikan as purse coins. I have this one also with diff colors.
W - 13 cm
H - 9 cm

Oh ya, I put some crystal @ zip. ;)
Crystal Tassel

Both for Price : RM30


Orange+Gray+White crocheted bag.

H - 17 cm
W -10.5 cm


For seriuos buyer ONLY.
Pls email me ezyanezaki@gmail.com
First pay first priority, no booking.
Payment must be confirmed within 3 days after confirmation has been sent.

All price as state and NOT including postage fee.

Pos Ekspress/Pos Laju - RM4

Thank All
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