Sunday, October 18, 2009

Decoupage Tissue

DC 001

DC 002

All design are for RM2 /pieces

Good Luck

GDL 001

After "Best Wishes"and "Thank You", now its time for "Good Luck" .

This is one of my fav card.
Theme = Garden with full of "Luck" Flower.

The idea comes from "Best Wishes " card. Instead of a flower, i added a few flowers. Then, i added brad flower and diff kind of butterfly - quilling and button. Goshh, i love this card. Ceriaaa!!

May the flowers bring luck for the new owner :)
Good Luck!!

For the green envelope, I added a flower with "diamond" in the centre.

Oh ya, I left blank on inside card. As usual, I inserted green paper , so someone who own this card can write personal luck wishes.

Ready for sale

Card Size: 21cm x 14.5 cm

Thank You

TKY 01
RM 6

Again, its a blue card. Don't know why lately I love to make blue card.
Maybe I'm in the "blue" mood.

Its not only a "Thank You" card but its together with a flower as a gift.
Inside card is a blank but I inserted paper for you write personal wishes. And yes, its come together with envelope.

Please email me if you interested to purchase. First come, first serve!

Card size: 9cm x 21cm

Best Wishes

BW 01
RM 5

The simple card to wish "Best Wishes".
And the simple way to make someone happy.

The card design is left empty on the inside and has a purple paper inserted to write a personal wishes. Yes, the card together with the handmade purple envelope .

Now its ready for sale :)

Card size = 10cm x 21 cm

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Introduction & Welcome Notes

Hi All!

Finally, here I am, sharing some of my craftwork in my Cute & Yummy.
I planned to publish the craftwork so long time ago, but only today, I managed to done it. What a long time to make it come true huh?

Why Cute & Yummy?
My previous cybermall named as Cute & Yummy and i decided to remain as it. Eventhough previously my item are chocs, and now are craftwork, i think its not a big deal right? After all, at the end, you will enjoy the "sweet" ot the product.

Will update a lots of pics after this.

Enjoy and do drob by here again and again


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