Sunday, December 20, 2009


Goshh.. It's such a long time I didn't update my craft blog. Sigh...
Sorry for that late updating this blog..
Agak busy meh.. Hehe


Btw, I have made a few card; order by my friend and also a gift to my friend. Cuma tak sempat update saja.

So nah... 1 posting with all cards made by me.

This card I made for my friend.
A congratulation card plus croheted BearBear for her.

Close up !!

Cute huh? Haha

Congrats kak.. :)


Card ni pula telah di order oleh my friend. Birthday card for her friend and she also asked me to crochet a bookmark .

I got this idea from one of my craft magazine - Cardmaking & Papercraft . A lots of idea boleh dapat dari sana. Rasa berbaloi beli taw. Hehe

Simple crocheted bookmark. Hope her friend love this bookmark.



Christmas tak lama lagi. So since my officemate celebrate the Christmas, I managed to make a Christmas's card for both of them.

This time, a bit different card. Not like normal one I've been made. Plus they can hang this card dekat christmas tree.

So, I made Ornament Card. And yeah, I've made this card from CD!!

Merry Christmas!!! Ho Ho Ho..


Pls click here for the tutorial

Kudos to the author for the lovely card.


Well, it's 2 weeks to go before we celebrate New Year.

Jadi, I made New Year card for my friend. Wishing all kinds of Happy New Year.
Happy New Year Buddy!!

Close up!!

Yeah... I LOVE button..

2010 - Happy New Year !!!

I really enjoy making Ornament Card so again, I made this -->

As my friend love to read, I buat bookmark :)

Yes, they are simple bookmark. Hehe


Last month I received lovely + gorgeous craft item for my craft project from my friend.
I really love all of them.

So I made this card for her.
To express how I love the craft item and a thank to her

Thanks Kak!!

Banyak kan? Hehe
And yes, there will be more to comes :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Decoupage Tissue

DC 001

DC 002

All design are for RM2 /pieces

Good Luck

GDL 001

After "Best Wishes"and "Thank You", now its time for "Good Luck" .

This is one of my fav card.
Theme = Garden with full of "Luck" Flower.

The idea comes from "Best Wishes " card. Instead of a flower, i added a few flowers. Then, i added brad flower and diff kind of butterfly - quilling and button. Goshh, i love this card. Ceriaaa!!

May the flowers bring luck for the new owner :)
Good Luck!!

For the green envelope, I added a flower with "diamond" in the centre.

Oh ya, I left blank on inside card. As usual, I inserted green paper , so someone who own this card can write personal luck wishes.

Ready for sale

Card Size: 21cm x 14.5 cm

Thank You

TKY 01
RM 6

Again, its a blue card. Don't know why lately I love to make blue card.
Maybe I'm in the "blue" mood.

Its not only a "Thank You" card but its together with a flower as a gift.
Inside card is a blank but I inserted paper for you write personal wishes. And yes, its come together with envelope.

Please email me if you interested to purchase. First come, first serve!

Card size: 9cm x 21cm

Best Wishes

BW 01
RM 5

The simple card to wish "Best Wishes".
And the simple way to make someone happy.

The card design is left empty on the inside and has a purple paper inserted to write a personal wishes. Yes, the card together with the handmade purple envelope .

Now its ready for sale :)

Card size = 10cm x 21 cm

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Introduction & Welcome Notes

Hi All!

Finally, here I am, sharing some of my craftwork in my Cute & Yummy.
I planned to publish the craftwork so long time ago, but only today, I managed to done it. What a long time to make it come true huh?

Why Cute & Yummy?
My previous cybermall named as Cute & Yummy and i decided to remain as it. Eventhough previously my item are chocs, and now are craftwork, i think its not a big deal right? After all, at the end, you will enjoy the "sweet" ot the product.

Will update a lots of pics after this.

Enjoy and do drob by here again and again


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