Sunday, July 22, 2012

Salam Ramadhan

Hello All!!

Salam Ramadhan to my Muslim friends. How your puasa so far?
Mine.. so far great. Have a great Iftar too. Haha.. But im trying my best to avoid to go to Pasar Ramadhan. Err try not to membazir as I know, I will lost control if nampak all the foods at Pasar Ramadhan..hehe

Anyway, yesterday I made Puding Caramel. Yiihaaa..
This is my first time to bake the puding. I google the resepi tapi bila cakap je  dengan mama kata nak buat Puding Caramel, mama kasi satu buku resepi yg antik. Omaiii.. hahaa

Buat satu loyang and all gone already. 

But next time, I will buat less sugar sbb my parent both of them adalah pesakit kencing manis. :D
So no more memanis sangat dessert. Even Pavlova, If I buat also, I will make sure, less sugar :)

Ok la.. Tata

See u next enrty. I have a few project to show off.. *wink wink*

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