Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crochet Lab : Experiment No. 2


I start crocheting this doll on Friday evening. I crochet the whole day while marathon Grey's Anatomy S2 and S3. Sambil crochet sambil nangis. Boleh? Hahaha.. And on Sunday morning at 2 am,  i completed crochet the doll. Just need to attach the doll. Decided to attach after I back from office today since this morning, I feel so tired to continue it.  Can't wait to see the output. Hehe

It take some time as I NEVER crochet it before. Plus the doll is BIG. I crochet without any pattern. Just crochet and experiment at the same time. Challenging especially the eyes and the body. And the green one.. eh I dont know what they called it. Hahaha.. Will try to figure it out :P

Any guess what is it?


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