Thursday, April 22, 2010

I LOVE EARTH day and the {result}

Happy Earth Day All!!

Remember, our earth today need some help. Support the environment and keep everywhere CLEAN!!!

From: Google

I know I know. Semuanya ternanti-nanti dengan result FabuLOVE giveaway kan?

But before I reveal the result, I would like to thanks everyone for participating the giveaway. I do go thru all the comments and your blogs. Seriuosly, I enjoyed reading all of your comments. Make me smile from ear to ear non-stop!!

And I am grateful that I get a chance to share them with you guys. Its a wonderful feeling and yes, panjang umur, I will continue doing the same thing. Doakan saya murah rezeki okay?

Surprising, there are more than 100 cute people joined this giveaway. Again, thanks everyone!! Its hard fo me to choose the winner. Thus, I asked Mr Daisy, my beloved boyfriend, to pick up the winner.

He picked up some random number and I picked the winner based on the number.

And here's our lucky winner:

The winner is..


Congratulations my dear!! Look like your lucky star is shining. Will email you soon to get the address.

Hope you enjoy the cute stuff here.

Till my next post.
Sweet Dream.


For order MinMin or JoJo the BearBear, please do email me:

5 chit chat:

siti nur fadhilah said...

so lucky isnt she... :)

i want! i want! will e-mail u..
inak the bearbear bookmark and minmin.. :) dunno how much is the minmin.. :)

Nida said...

Alhamdulillah... syukur...

Terima kasih tidak terhingga.. moga dilimpahkan rezeki buat Ezyane sekeluarga olehNya..aminnnn..


sue said...

wahhh.. tahniah kepada yang berjaya.. yg tak berapa nak berjaya masih buleh beli minmin.. sile buat tempahan

(ade komisen dak ni?)


hepi besdey msdaisy!

ezyane said...

snf - email me.. we discuss in detail..hehe

nida - congrats and thank you :)

ticer - hahaha.. komisen.. we will talk about later @ kino next week ya? hehe

kakyong said...

tahniah pada yg bertuah...


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