Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crystal Bracelet


Tadi, lepas kemas2 my craft item dekat rak ni, i realized that my cousin's crystal handmade still ada dekat I. So I decide, nak jual balik crystal2 ni. How come la I boleh lupa kan?Haish..
Sorry cousin. Hehe

Okay.. Pls refer below for my re-post entry.
Kalau interested, let me know okay?



Hi All!! Happy New Year..
Hope you guys have a great day so far. ;)

Anyway, my cousin has made a few crystal bracelet. And I decided to help her to sell some of her beauty bracelet. Pagi tadi bawak ke office and half of them sudah dijual. Syiokk pulak jual-jual bracelet ni. Hehe

Dari semua ini,

yang tinggal hanya ini.

So, I akan upload apa yang tinggal saja. But dont worry, if ada stock lagi, i will update again.

K001 - RM20
Size : 16cm

K002 - RM20
Size : 17cm

K003 - RM20
Size : 18cm

K004 - RM20
Size : 18cm

K005 - RM20
Size : 18cm

K006 - RM15 [SOLD]
Size : 18cm

K007 - RM15
Size : 16cm

K008 - RM15
Size : 17cm

K009 - RM15
Size : 17cm

Oh ya, this is for serious buyer ONLY. First pay first priority, no booking. Payment must be confirmed within 3 days after confirmation has been sent.

All price as state and NOT including postage fee.

Pos Ekspress (small)- RM2.50

So, grab it all while it last okay. Pls email me and I'll check for its availabality.
and yes, pls leave your hp no :)

Email me to

Thank All

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